11 junio 2009

Zbrush: Spotlight and Lightbox

Con la frase "Qué tal si el mundo fuese tu paleta, y Zbrush fuese tu lienzo?" Pixologic nos asombra con un video que puedes ver aquí y deleitarte con dos de las novedades de Zbrush, llamadas spotlight y lightbox, con las cuales es posible ubicar imagenes desde internet sin salir del Zbrush y emplearlas como referencia para modelar y esculpir con verdadero realismo.

English Version

With the phrase "What if the world was your palette and ZBrush was your canvas is ? Pixologic surprised us with a video you can see here and amaze yourself with two of the new features of ZBrush, called lightbox and spotlight, which you can use to find images from the Internet without leaving ZBrush and use those images as reference for modeling and sculpting with realism.

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