01 agosto 2009

ZBrush 3.5 for Windows and Mac users


Some of the features in ZBrush 3.5 are...

Multiple texture, normal and displacement maps per Tool (by using subtools), with enhanced displacement and normal map options such as native export of 32-bit displacement maps. High-Definition displacement and normal maps from HD geometry. Improved perspective with a floor grid. Reorganization of the Tool sub-palettes to coordinate with selected SubTools. The ability to merge all visible SubTools and optionally weld the seams. The new PUVTiles mapping method, which represents the most efficient use of UV space yet. PolyPainting and masking have now been enhanced to 16-bit from the previous 8-bit. New navigation to work with the virtually unlimited zooming. Right-Click Navigation. New sliders added to Project All, providing more control over your results. Memory management enhancements give the capability to subdivide your models to higher polygon counts. New ambient occlusion masking, which can create an AO texture for use in other applications.


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