18 enero 2010

Arion of Randomcontrol

arion :: real-time digital photography

What is Arion?

Arion is the hybrid-accelerated and physically-based light simulator developed by RandomControl. It inherits all our expertise in light simulation and makes it run on steroids, thanks to our very unique approach to massive CPU+GPU+LAN computation.

Arion is:

  • an interactive WYSIWYG editing application.
  • a super-high performance production renderer.

Some facts about Arion

  • Uses all the GPUs -and- CPUs in your system simultaneously.
  • Plugging an extra GPU delivers an immediate performance boost.
  • Can use network slaves to help the master framebuffer.
  • 20x to 100x speed up per machine (hardware-dependent).
  • Strictly physically-based.
  • Fully unbiased (no cheats, no shortcuts).
  • Does not need any kind of precomputations.
  • Easy-to-use interactive WYSIWYG editing app.
  • The real-time viewport -is- final quality.
  • Production render engine features (commandline renderer, compositing channels, etc...)
  • Compatible with NetWarrior for hyper-fast cooperative still frame and animation rendering.

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