28 septiembre 2010

Unity 3.0 Final Released

Unified Editor

Sweet multiplatform development has come of age! As of Unity 3 one editor targets all platforms. Want to make a game for iPhone, web and Xbox 360? No problem. Have everything you need in one project and simply choose which platform you're currently previewing inside the editor to see exactly how your game works.

Deferred Rendering

Brand new in Unity 3 is a cutting-edge deferred lighting system. Now you can have hundreds of point lights in your scene with a marginal cost to performance. Since deferred lighting makes use of G-Buffers, we've opened them up so you can reuse them for plenty of other high-end image effects without additional performance loss.

Beast Lightmapping

View Video Unity 3 features industry's best lightmapping technology: Beast. Used in lots of AAA hits, Beast is typically licensed at up to $90,000 per title, but it's included with your Unity license for free. Beast lightmaps interact beautifully with real-time dynamic lights. As objects come closer, Unity fades to real-time lighting, giving you full shading details.

Lens Effects

View Video For Unity 3 we've upped the post-effects game. Unity Pro ships with a bunch of effects as seen in KillZone and others. We got light plumes, high-quality depth-of-field, internal lens reflections, outlining, depth-aware color correction and much much more.

Audio Magic

View Video Unity 3 brings Reverb Zones, filters, tracker file support and a bunch of other goodies to the table. We're also introducing editable falloff curves for all major audio parameters, so you get complete control over your sound ambience.

Asset Management

View Video When you're working with large projects you want to find your assets fast. In Unity 3, we are adding a content browser that shows everything with nice previews – including tagging and searching – so you always have the assets you need at your fingertips.

Source-level Debugging

Programmers rejoice! Unity 3 introduces script debugging with MonoDevelop on both Windows and Mac. You can pause your game, do line-by-line single stepping, set breakpoints, and inspect variables. The days of print-based debugging are gone for good.

Occlusion Culling

Performance is your number one concern on mobile devices, but even on powerful hardware you want to pull off as much as possible. That's why we've licensed the #1 occlusion culling system into Unity. It works on both mobile, web and consoles. Best of all: instead of a 5-digit figure per title, it's included in your license at no extra charge.

Unity 3 Feature Video – Occlusion Culling with Umbra

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